Art installation
1,60×80 cad
Botanical Garden, Naples

The project “Anima Mundi” wants to spread through art / nature a diffusion of aesthetic beauty and a greater environmental awareness, in order to educate, exporting to the places of nature, the idea of ​​respect for life and the natural environment. In the past like now, nature has been the primary source of inspiration for the most ingenious discoveries and extraordinary works of art. Primitive men represent hunting grounds and saw every natural as a magical and incomprehensible mystery; in the French courts, gardens were looked after by gardeners more like eccentric landscape architects; for the Romantics, nature was par excellence the symbol of the sublime, that feeling of being overwhelmed in the face of what, in relation to man, is infinitely great. “Anima Mundi” wants to investigate the relationship between the natural environment and art, to better understand the cultural dynamics