“La Confessione”

CRISS CROSS, the beauty of the Cross
Quadreria Pio Monte della Misericordia Museum, Naples
curated by Bustos Domenech

The artistic production of the artist Barbara Crimella takes shape from knowing how to feel and knowing how to listen.

Listening to ourselves and what is around us, nature with its perfect and balanced leaves, sometimes old and suffering, slender trees that dance with swallows, landscapes that try to dialogue with us, but also ourselves, the most difficult to hear and through this work he wants to underline its great importance


 “The task of the work of art is not simply to bring presence into presence, but to evoke absence through presence”

Claudio Parmiggiani-The prayer of painting-

The sacred presence of silence, waiting

The expectation of feeling and feeling

whisper in a soothing voice

forgive penances

hope for absolutions

incapable of being able to pray

the work preserves a truth, desires silence

empty that suddenly seem too full

symbols that are transformed into voices

(Barbara Crimella)