“Sentire Take’”

Art installation
20x5x3mt circa
Miyazu (Japan)

The “Sentire Take” project represents the last stage of a three-year journey between Italy and Japan on the theme of using bamboo. This time we are invited to design a public sculpture for the entrance of the seaside town of Miyazu, a work that welcomes those arriving from outside and at the same time is a tribute to the place.

The Sentire Také project is inspired by the bamboo seed, intended as a seed of life from which everything originates, symbol of perfection and fundamental raw material of Japanese culture.

The work is carried out during the residency at the Tango Eco Future Park using local takè (bamboo) and involving citizenship during the construction phase.

Team: Barbara Crimella, Jukai, ENZO, Yukiteru HIRAI, Yutaka Ogasawara,

Tadashi Miyagawa, Takeshi Nonomura, Akino Iida, Haruyoshi Sowa, Yoshiko Miwa

The Earth Design School,Miyazu B