3 iron elements and fluo plexiglass
BACK, 300×2.5×400
WIND, 300×2.5×300
LARGE 300×2.5×400
July 2020
at Tornavento Milan, Alzaia Naviglio Grande n. 200

A Thursday evening, Antonio Ponti invited me to participate in one of his new projects for the city of Milan and immediately I went to Alzaia Naviglio Grande 200 to be able to view the area. It is always the place itself that expects from me to underline its beauty and highlight its glimpses. The following morning, Friday at dawn, I went directly to the Tornavento village which gives its name to the event and it is also the town from which the Naviglio Grande was born that runs alongside this wonderful green area. History, nature, wellness and poetry immediately seized me as I strolled in the mist at 5 am along the waterway. It seemed to take a dip in the past, where the ancient Austro-Hungarian border succeeded a dam, an old port, a church and much more immersed in a countryside where healthy air fills the lungs making me finally breathe. from Tornavento that starts the 52 km cycle path that goes up to the Darsena in Milan. From here I drew the first inspirations and above all the glare of light on the surface of the water that I transported inside the sculpture through a yellow plexiglass like the The sculptures are born transportable as the beauty that flows on the canal transports our thoughts during the experience of this journey. Demountable and reassembled like the bicycles that through history reach us today. The clear glimpses that will be created in front of our eyes will define a temporal standstill, a photographic shot of the landscape that surrounds us. The city is a stone’s throw away, but our desire to get away from it is perhaps the desire that now, after experiencing social and environmental distancing, we want to achieve. The sculptures will be 3 and they will all be called TornaVento.
the cuts will also define the direction of the wind, a natural element on which I focus my latest artistic research.
Tornavento … the name is already magic.

“We are caught in a moment of suspended time in which essential traces are drawn, like profiles, in lines of iron and plexiglass by Barbara Crimella, artist, They frame the surrounding landscape as views, as snapshots of life.
Through its transparency and brightness, a thin yellow line recalls the sunlight glarIng across the surface of the waters of Naviglio, that start at Tornavento and vibrantly accompany us to Milan.“