The Place of Soul and Wind 

The Place of Soul and Wind ”by Barbara Crimella, 2022. An iron and porphyry sculpture “exploded” on three hills along the path of Charlemagne, contextualized within the LoCar, art on the way project. Tribute to the “Ora del Lach” wind that comes from Lake Iseo and crosses the whole valley: SOGLIA (theshold) on the hill of San Michele in Berzo Inferiore (BS), ORA (name of the Wind and it also means pray) near by  the hill and SACRO (sacred) on the hill of San Defendente in Bienno (BS).
An environmental redevelopment project that aims to emphasize the union of peoples and religions through crosses as a metaphor of salvation, like the wind itself that crosses worlds, touching people without distinction and bringing with it sounds and scents from places far away from us.

SOGLIA (threshold)
near San Michele (Berzo Inferiore)
porphyry and iron 2022
The Threshold is a sign that comes from the subsoil, from the history that it preserves and emerges by drawing two territories in the space, distinguishing them, delimiting the spaces, but also signals an opening. It is an opening that invites the passage, capable of generating a tension towards a possible salvation. A new interpretation of the space that ideally connects to the other two sites. The Threshold becomes the starting point of the installation. The cut and the combination of porphyry with iron come from the inspiration of the hammer head of traditional forges.

ORA (name of the wind Ora from the lake)
at the foot of San Michele (Berzo Inferiore)
iron, 2022
An iron wall slightly inclined to emphasize the direction of the wind and to highlight its lightness in the face of the force of nature, is perforated by almost 200
different crocces  and cruciform signs BC, both to link cultures and religions, but also territories and historical periods. Now, which also means prayer, it becomes a metaphor for a confessional through which to speak to the wind to listen to good advice or ask to take away the bad thoughts.

SACRO (sacred)
near San Defendente (Bienno),
iron 2022
this latter sculpture is also ideally linked to the previous ones.
The shape of an altar as if to enhance the sacredness of the site, where the ruin of San Defendente still bears witness today, integrated by a contemporary interpretation of the stele statues.
Placed in the direction of the previous sculptures, it wants to be at the same time a point of view to observe the wonder of the landscape and at the same time focus attention on an asset to be preserved.


Almost 200 different crocces and cruciform signs BC.