“Le pieghe dell’anima as a landscape”

Can a problem become an opportunity?

The folds of the soul can be transformed into a shape capable of synthesizing through a volume and thus emphasizing the personal psychological problem and becoming an element of exaltation of the landscape, its profiles and its mutation, but at the same time dialogue and become an integral part with it?

The sculpture “La Piega”, manages to travel an interior journey that only with the silence of nature, able to give a temporal suspension given by its beauty and perfection, we are able to hear the noise caused by the tangle of memories and removals evolving until “materialize”, then become part of that cultural anthropological landscape, rich in traditions and history. Nature, the only one capable of leading to a true personal healing, both for the artist and for the viewer.

The need for a search for temporal suspension derives from the chronophagia instigated by technology that takes hold of our lives.