“Baghia” Il giardino delle pieghe dell’anima

Installation 80x80x40
Black terracotta and glaze, sand
DARSI 2018
Palace of the Lombardy Region, Milan

The terracotta works talk to us about Mother Earth. The earth as land from which we are born, that preserves and takes care of our food; as land in which seeds sprout. This earth so rich in history and so full of life. These sculptures contain all this meaning. They are marked by delineated “pieghe” (folds). The pieghe symbolise seams of leaves, mountains, wrinkles and represent memories, cracks and cuts. So the pieghe recall wounds, diseases and broken, dry leaves. At the same time these pieghe reminisce on how warm rays of light caress them, healing their past errancies as the light makes the pieghe vibrate with colour.