Barbara Crimella is a Sculptor, born 1973 in Milan where she currently lives and works.

She studied Fine Art and Sculpture at the Brera Academy, Milan. Her recent Master’s thesis at Abadir Academy, Catania, 2018, was “Le pieghe dell’anima as a landscape” (The folds of the soul as landscape). This research continued and still is the focus of her artwork.

Crimella has regular exhibitions and commissions all over Italy – Milan, Sicily, Naples – and the world, especially in Japan.

A prolific, versatile artist she is also an effective, experienced communicator, organiser and collaborator.

Her intuitive humour feeds on Surrealism, and her curiosity reflects a compassionate, psychological insight. The artworks focus on our connections within ourselves, and with Nature.

In her sculpture Ms Crimella insists on an acute sense of place in which the artwork and its surrounding environment, together, express a deep attachment to their particular site.

In her ongoing research, Crimella explores the idea of the soul as a site of inner and outer tensions of the self; and how this idea of the soul can be translated, integrated, with the outside environment. In particular Crimella concentrates on how we can relate to the “deep silence” of nature and thereby truly connect to its natural order.

Georgina Turner